We Buy Los Angeles County, Orange County Houses in As-Is Condition!

Many of the properties we buy are imperfect and need repairs. It’s common for a house to need a new roof, new paint, HVAC replacement, appliance updates, or even structural repairs. Most people looking to buy a house would be afraid of a fixer-upper, but we love them! Since we’re a professional real estate investing company, we know how to do repairs efficiently, which lets us pay you more for your property in as-is condition.

We also don’t need to get a bank’s approval to buy a property that needs repairs. Since we buy with cash, we can close as quickly you want, with no issues related to financing.

When you’re selling a property that needs repairs to make it ready to sell through a real estate agent or even ‘for sale by owner’, it often comes down to 1) paying for the repairs needed to get it market-ready and then waiting for weeks or months for the right buyer to come along, or 2) just saving yourself time and money by selling to a cash buyer like us.

If you want to do the necessary repairs and sell your house on the open market, no problem. If you’d rather look at other options that can get your house sold quicker and easier, give us a call!

If your property needs repairs (big or small), why not get an as-is offer from us before spending money and time? Call us at (714) 363-3888 now or Get a Fast, Fair Offer.

We’ve helped many Los Angeles County, Orange County homeowners whose properties needed repairs, and we want to work with you to give you options that spare you the hassle, time and cost of dealing with repairs. Contact us today!

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